Tom Lane – AKA Ginger Monkey – is an independent graphic designer currently based in Liverpool, United Kingdom. Specialising in bespoke lettering, branding, illustration and typography, his portfolio includes everything from packaging and identity work for luxury start-ups through to assisting global brands with major high-impact campaigns.

Two years after Tom left school, he discovered graphic design and the power of images and text. He enrolled at Hereford Art College on a BTEC in Graphic Design, before following that up with a bachelor degree from UWE in Bristol.

Since 2004, he has been honing his skills, particularly in the area of
specially crafted lettering, icons and logos.

Whether it’s a poster, a packaging solution or an entire branding proposition, every project begins with a solid brief, and Tom works closely with clients to build a relationship founded on trust and mutual respect. He’ll set out to understand all the goals of the project and will thoroughly research the brand, product and market, gathering together a rich base of reference material along the way. Refining the strongest concepts and approaches, he will work with his client to home in on the ideas that are truest to the brand and brief.

Tom begins developing the visual approach by hand with pencil or ipad. Immersing himself in the craft, he’ll finesse every aspect of the design like the weight of the lettering, the spacing, the flow of the script and all its little embellishments. This ensures a unique, handmade character and a look and feel that supports the overall message. Every project is a collaboration, and Tom works with his clients to find the right materials and production processes to guarantee an engaging campaign, product or brand.

Ginger Monkey’s work is heavily influenced by traditional styles and techniques from old etchings, medieval gilding and Italian art deco through to Americana and Japanese wood block printing. However, his style is not based on mixing disparate elements together. Instead, it’s about finding an authentic look and feel – something that generates a cohesive atmosphere, communicating a note-perfect sentiment at an emotional and cerebral level.